To enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination1

“The Magic of Moonshots: The Power of Big Thinking”

I used to think that the best way to achieve any goal was to “take one step at a time”. To focus on the small details and celebrate every minor progress. To enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination.

But then I realized that this approach was not only boring and slow but also limiting and complacent. Every time I took a small step, I felt like I was not doing enough. Every time I faced a challenge or a setback, I felt frustrated.

That’s when I decided to change my mindset and adopt a different strategy: taking one leap at a time. Aim for the big picture rather than the small pieces.

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To go for the moonshot rather than the low-hanging fruit. To challenge myself rather than settle for less. To envision the future rather than dwell on the present. And let me tell you: this has made a world of difference in my life and career.

Not only do I feel more excited and ambitious, but also more creative and innovative. Taking one leap at a time has helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible, while also increasing my confidence and resilience. It has also helped me connect with others who are on the same mission as me and inspire them along the way.

So if you’re feeling bored or stuck in your goals, try taking one big leap at a time instead of one step at a time. Trust me: it’s mentally far superior and motivational. And who knows? You might end up landing among the stars.

Mr. Giri Devanur is a Serial Tech entrepreneur, from India, who is currently based in the US. Born in a small town called Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India Giri went later went on to ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell in New York City. Giri holds a Master of Science (MS), in Technology Management • from Columbia University in the City of New York, and Executive Education from Harvard Law School, and an Executive Education in Innovation at MIT in Computer Science. He was a mentor of – the Executive Master Program-Columbia University. He is an E&Y Entrepreneur of the year award winner and has successfully completed the Nasdaq IPO of AMRH ( He has helped raise multiple rounds of capital, executed M&A. Giri Devanur is currently the CEO & founder of ReAlpha Tech Corp.

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