Tech Predictions for 2015

10. 3-D TV as a concept would have failed – Sony would be the hardest hit in this.  Does anyone want to sit at home and watch a serial or a News program on TV in 3D…its sounds almost crazy!!


9. Peope will still be using Laptops and Desktops. Contrary to all the hypeabout iPads and tablets….users are still not so sure. iPads will rule the tablet market….but it wont kill the desk-top and laptop market…yet.


8. IBM will be the winner in Cloud computing. As cloud becomes more main-stream…you will differentiate men from Boys. IBM knows “how to run a data center” better than anyone on earth. So my bet is with IBM on this one.


7. would have sold Motorola…after bleeding billions of dollars. Do we need an explanation for this one??  Tech world has a long history of these kinds of acquisitions having failed miserably.

6. would have sold or closed after burning billions….!! Read the story above.


5. NetFlix would be toast..Hard to pick one winner…it can be WalMart (yes WalMart!!) or a potential new service of .


4. 4G/LTE Sim cards will be a raging hit. World would have completely moved into this technology. My guess is atleast 1billion connections of 4G would happen by end of 2015.


3. would be the world’s 3rd most valuable company. Walmart will be #1 and #2 may be ExxOn Mobil. I would personally like apple to be #1..but……

2.  may have lost its market cap by 50% or more…They would have crossed 1.5Billion registered users ….but will be losing a whole lot of users due to FB fatigue.

1. will have beaten in search game. will be #1.









***These are predictions, just guess work….I can not be held responsible if these do not go as per predicted:-) They are made just for fun purpose only.

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