Genetic Lottery

Genetic lottery – is it a must for success of a start-up? (continued article on Luck)

In my last blog I tried deliberating the value of “Luck” in business. While having a conversation with a young friend, I realized how dis proportionately some people are luckier.

Let’s take this picture ……..


see Mr. Ambani’s son ¬†next to his dad while india’s largest private equity deal (8billion$) ……..would any young man of his age how ever smart or highest iq or whatever measure would ever get that chance.?

See the next picture…..


Siddarth Mallya being not only the unofficial (?) owner of RCB, he is heart throb of Deepika Padukone…one of the very popular actress. Is it talent or Genetic lottery??

Had Gandhi picked sardar patel instead of nehru could rahul Gandhi be the future prime minister??


giri devanur Bush1and2
George bush snr becoming president is 80%hard work + 20% luck and George w bush becoming president is genetic lottery. Or Geroge Bush may be 80% genetic lottery and 20% luck :-)??

Lets take the business scene. There were dozens of start ups before infosys. Some of you may have heard of ICIM technologies, Patni (Origin of infosys founders), IMR Global etc were larger than infosys till early 1990s. But was it some Genetic lottery which catapulted some companies while others either slowed down and some went out of the scene completely.?

So, is there a connection between the time and place of birth of a company? Are Is there a correlation between a founders luck and the success of a company? Learned scholars or researchers should study this aspect.0

Here are some scary statistics…. Almost 600’000 start ups get created in US per annum. But the no of IPOs in a year is less than 100!!!!!!! So, success ratio is 1:6000. Just one in 6000 make it to ipo market.

Do you consider this as plain luck or genetic lottery ….or something else. We need explore this further to analyze more data.

I request your feedback on this question……is there something like “genetic lottery” of start-ups ….and how to win that jackpot:-)

PS: i know am just raising a lot of questions….I am asking them in order to find some right answers.


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