Innovate or perish

Innovate or perish

World is changing at rapid pace. We are at the beginning of a digital revolution. I attended a training program at MIT a while back about how to create a break thru innovations company. Some of the learnings are

1. Innovation is a process not work of some genius

2. Innovation can be best achieved by a cross functional team rather than a “think tank” or some super sniper teams

3. You need to start of with users. They know what they want (unless you are Steve jobs…or have one like him working for you:-) )

4. Innovations can come from some bizarre ideas.

5. Remember all ideas are good during the ideation process

6. Innovation can be taught – Here is a great Guru of Innovation – Eric-von-hippel
His video on youtube

7. If necessity is mother of invention, Agility is for innovation

Will write more on how do we actually do innovation in my next blog…..till then keep on ideating:-)

Reference ( innovation paper)

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