APPS -Accountability, Predictability, Profitability and Sustainability

For the last few months I am developing a framework, which I call ‘APPS’, for corporate executives. Every job and every role, in any company, comes with 4 simple measures. Here are the 4 fundamental questions every professional must ask themselves:

  1. Am I Accountable for my actions, my project, my company, my team and, above all, myself? (alternatively, at the company level, is the responsibility of a P&L unit really Accountable?)
  2. Is the work/project/initiative I am working on, giving Predictable results, which can be measured, and used for improvement? (at the company level, is the revenue/ expense of a P&L unit really Accountable?)
  3. If you work in a for profit environment, almost all actions should lead to Profitability. Whether one is a CEO or the junior-most person, one must directly contribute to the bottomline of the company. The more you contribute the more invaluable you will be to the company and to yourself. Are you adding to the profitability?
  4. Anyone who wants to have a decent career should make sure they deliver consistently to an organization. Then the question one must ask is this – Is your role/ function/ action Sustainable? In a VUCA  (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, when everything is at stake, is your role/ team/ company sustainable?

If you/team/company embrace the APPS framework, then there is a high degree of success. And that is the secret of survival in the new “new” economy. That’s the reason these 4 words have “ability” at the end of them

.Giri Devanur APPS

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Markets will recover!


The year is just beginning … Markets are down almost 10%!

Reasons given are:

  1. China issues
  2. Oil prices
  3. Fed & interest rates

My opinion:

  1. China – We never know what the real problem or real solution is. I am fairly confident that they will get around this problem soon. They will ‘kick the can’ for a few more years. Expect a stimulus package just before the Chinese new year.
  2. Oil – No one has reduced consumption. Its a supply side problem. It will get resolved, and should reach around $35-$40 by the end of the year.
  3. US Fed & interest rate – I heard Bridgewater CEO use the word “QE-Infinity”. Fed has no choice but to ease the money flow. So there will be more money again.

So we will be back with a small bull run again in a couple of months. The only change is that, this time, growth will be driven by US and India/China and a few other countries except Europe.

2 Billion more people are joining the global market. They want better cars, homes, smart phones, TVs, entertainment, electricity etc..

I believe Peter Diamandis’ theory of “Abundance”. 

So relax, we will be back in the growth mode again.

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Technology Predictions for 2020

I had written an earlier blog in 2012 about how future will look like in 2015. (

I got some accurately right and some wrong!

Now am sticking out my top 10 predictions for 2020.

  1. Self driving cars will still not be a reality.
  2. Amazon Drones will not deliver your gifts for sure.
  3. Desktop computers will still be around. Microsoft surface will be a winner.
  4. Apple would have succeeded in phone8. They would have sold more than 1 billion iphones.
  5. Google will still be the king of search. So will the facebook as social media giant with 2Billion users.
  6. Chinese handset makes Xiaomi will have replaced Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer.
  7. There will  be no real internet of things. One would still goto a store to pick tooth brush etc.
  8. VR goggles of various companies will be a big hit. 100s of millions will be sold by 2020.
  9. Cellphones with 100GB download speeds would have arrived.
  10. Cloud technologies would have displaced traditional technology players.

Its going to be interesting 5 years, with another 3-4Billion people coming on to internet.

Lets wait and watch!!


Wish you a very happy new year!!

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One more suggestion came true

I had suggested an idea for a startup in Feb 2015 : (

Today I got an email from a startup

They have added the ideas from my start up idea #1.

I am very happy that this idea is coming out as a product!!


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starwars and reality

9 Pieces of Star Wars Tech Now a Reality (list)

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NASA & Patents

This is so cool. Kudos to Nasa for promoting truly “open source”!!

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Langer index youtube

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Incredibly great speech by Bill McDermott

Mr. Bill McDermott gave an incredible speech at Columbia Club hosted by Center for technology management of Columbia University ( and Ameri100 Inc (

Dr. Art Langer interviewed Mr. McDermott about his new book  Winners Dream: A Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office

He talked about 4 major areas which will lead to extraordinary success for executives.

1. Humility : Any one who aspires to be a leader or even a manager must have lots of humility.

2. Trust: A leader must be able to trust others as well as be trustworthy. This is the secret of being authentic.

3. Discipline : Leadership is a 24X7 thing. Its a constant process of learning and executing. To achieve that level of mental and physical stamina, one must have loads of discipline.

4. RoC (Return on Character): Bill talked about how character plays in the long run. One may get ahead for short periods of time by lying, taking others for a ride or other negatives. But in the long run, only people with good character win the race.

It was a fantastic event!

giri devanurBill Mcdermott@Columbia

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2 ideas for new startups

I know why some of you may think I am just throwing off these ideas. Unless executed well, all ideas are….just ideas. Hence, instead of wasting them away, here I am posting so that some one may get “some other ideas” to build a startup around them.

Spending hours in airports either waiting for luggage or waiting for someone can be a painful activity. Especially in international airports.

Idea No1.

Imagine you are waiting at the baggage carousel. The airlines know your name AND know which is your luggage (I hope so). Why can’t be a display system which keeps showing once the baggage drops into the conveyor belt, its scanned and a large display screen shows that your baggage has been dropped. A revenue model? How many Samnsonite’s or American Tourister (even Tumi lovers!!) names would love to show off their brands, if they are displayed like this image!. Or even an app which can get the data from the airport scanners at the loading zone. I would pay $2.99 for that app.

.Giri Devanur airport idea1


Idea No2.

OK…now either you are a passenger in a a strange airport or you are a host waiting to receive a guest whom you have not met. Can there be an easier way? Imagine simply putting a numbering system which is displayed on a large screen that a John Doe is waiting for Jane Doe with a number? Imagine all those guys carrying name plates and searching for your own name etc…Cant there be a smarter and simpler way?

Giri Devanur airport idea1-2

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living”…….  Mary Ritter Beard

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AAPL interesting data

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