Navigating the Path to IPO: Insights from reAlpha CEO, Giri Devanur

In the realm of business triumphs, few tales captivate the imagination like the recent success story of reAlpha, a company that, as of last week, proudly joined the ranks of those listed on NASDAQ. The protagonist of this narrative is none other than Mr. Giri Devanur, the CEO of reAlpha, and a distinguished member of the IT services community.

In this exclusive blog post, we bring you a glimpse into the valuable insights shared by Mr. Devanur during a recent public appearance. As he took center stage to recount his journey, it was evident that this was more than just a milestone for reAlpha—it was a testament to the culmination of strategic decisions and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Complexity of Going Public:

Mr. Devanur wasted no time in delving into the intricacies of taking a company public, a feat he likened to a challenging and nuanced process. Drawing upon his extensive experience, he outlined the two primary paths— the conventional, arduous route, and the relatively undisclosed “easy way,” a secret he promised to unveil towards the end of his discourse.

Giri Devanur success story

The Why, When, Where, Who, and How:

Enumerating the essential questions one must grapple with when contemplating an IPO, Mr. Devanur identified the pivotal aspects of the process. He stressed the importance of clearly defining one’s business, articulating the reasons for going public, selecting the right market for listing (be it NASDAQ, NYSE, or others), and discerning the opportune moment to embark on this transformative journey.

Strategic Partnerships:

Recognizing the complexity of the undertaking, Mr. Devanur emphasized the significance of key partnerships, specifically highlighting the crucial roles of legal counsel, investment bankers, and a reputable CPA firm. He underscored how these partnerships can make or break the success of an IPO, offering insights into his own collaborations with MSK Nimish Patel, Maxim Group, and GBQ.

The Grueling Process:

The CEO provided a peek behind the curtain, detailing the various stages of the IPO process. From preparing the S1 document for submission to the SEC to enduring meticulous reviews and scrutiny, he illuminated the challenges faced by reAlpha in their quest to go public. The culmination of this exhaustive process was the recent listing on NASDAQ, marked by the stock symbol “AIRE.”

The Easy Way—A Surprising Revelation:

As the audience awaited the revelation of the “easy way” to go public, Mr. Devanur left no room for disappointment. He disclosed that companies seeking a smoother route to IPO could explore the option of merging with an already public entity—a strategy that reAlpha itself had employed just days before.


In concluding his address, Mr. Devanur expressed gratitude for the audience’s presence and extended an invitation to those aspiring to go public through the unconventional, easier route. The tale of reAlpha’s journey from obscurity to the prestigious stage of NASDAQ stands as an inspiring testament to the possibilities that unfold when strategic vision, perseverance, and collaboration converge in the dynamic landscape of business.

Mr. Giri Devanur is a Serial Tech entrepreneur, from India, who is currently based in the US. Born in a small town called Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India Giri went later went on to ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell in New York City. Giri holds a Master of Science (MS), in Technology Management • from Columbia University in the City of New York, and Executive Education from Harvard Law School, and an Executive Education in Innovation at MIT in Computer Science. He was a mentor of – the Executive Master Program-Columbia University. He is an E&Y Entrepreneur of the year award winner and has successfully completed the Nasdaq IPO of AMRH ( He has helped raise multiple rounds of capital, executed M&A. Giri Devanur is currently the CEO & founder of ReAlpha Tech Corp.

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