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The Journey of Giri Devanur: From Chikmagalur to Nothing To Nasdaq

The Journey of Giri Devanur

Giri Devanur the CEO of reAlpha, was born in Chikmagalur, India. He holds a Master of Science in Technology Management from Columbia University. Giri Devanur, though being an entrepreneur and a tech professional, recently completed a highly successful Executive program on neuroscience in marketing from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. The course was taught by some of the world’s leading experts in the field of neuroscience, and it gave Giri a whole new understanding of how the brain

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How to Who EP 15 : Don’t Give Up – Reinvent


 Giri Devanur : (0.03-1.25) Hi everyone thank you all for joining this next episode of how to who the secret of success. Today we are joined by Anuradha Chowdipura a friend of mine even to the same engineering school she’s a very happy and charming person you will see that during this podcast. Anu is a Visionary and proven technology leader in the tech space with the you know of 20 plus years of experience in strategy implementation sustainability hiring

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How to Who EP13: Be tough. Be Fair!

Copy of How to who episode 12

 Giri Devanur : (0.04-1.03) Hi everyone let’s join and welcome Luis Miranda my dear friend, mentor, and guru he has been the co-founder of the Indian School of Public Policy, he is probably one of the rare guys that i know who has been a part of two of the India’s largest financial companies from the early stages from almost inception he was part of it, built it scaled to unimaginable heights today. He is also the chairam of the

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That Vacation Home Listed on Airbnb Might Be Owned by Wall Street

Giri Devanur Wall Street Journal

Investment firms are buying up more vacation homes, aiming to cash in on growing demand from tourists and remote workers. Most vacation rental homes are owned by small-time owners who list their properties on websites such as Airbnb Inc., but the number of financial firms investing in the sector is growing. New York-based investment firm Saluda Grade is launching a venture with short-term- rental operator AvantStay Inc. to buy about $500 million of homes, the companies said Tuesday. Saluda Grade

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How to Who EP12: To Mount Everest One Step at a Time

How to who episode 12

 Giri Devanur Hello everyone welcome to our next episode of how to who the secret of success. Today we are  joined by a very interesting guest Devin Adams is the founder Ralph. He’s a lawyer is a combat veteran airborne ranger thank you for your service Devin. Devin: thanks thank you  Giri Devanur but he has done legal studies that deep studies on private equity and venture capital fund transactions especially in highly regulated interstate commerce for example he had

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How to Who EP10 : Learn Fast, Succeed Faster

Copy of How to who episode 7

 Holland Walker Hi everyone welcome back to another episode of how to who the secret of success. Today were joined by Sam Alice he graduated from Northwestern University with industrial engineering as his degree and is currently working as a partner at scout ventures so I know I said a little bit but Sam why don’t you go ahead and tell us a little bit about you and your background.  Sam Ellis Sure yeah the quick background Sir I was

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How to Who: The Secret of Success EPISODE 9

Giri Devanur How to who

 Holland Walker (00:05 – 00:24) Hi, everyone. Welcome back to How to Who: The Secret of Success. Today, Giri has a special episode planned. He’s going to be discussing some important takeaways from a couple of his favorite TEDTalks from Simon Sinek, Bill Gross and Derek Sivers. So please enjoy this special episode with Giri Devanur, our primary host.   Giri Devanur (00:25 – 9:57) Hello, everyone. This is Giri Devanur with yet another episode of How to Who the Secret

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How to Who EP11: Do what you love and the money will follow

Copy of How to who episode 7 1

Giri Devanur Hello everyone today we are joined by William Scott Goldman R Goldman, a founder  friendly lawyer to our podcast. He is a venture builder and investor he is probably one of the most prolific trademark filers currently ranked among the top 5 in the USPTO. Filing 15000 plus applications and registrations, he has even written a book on branding law and he has been a frequent lecturer, speaker, media contributor and an author on various legal subjects. Hello

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How To Who Episode 8

How To Who Episode 8

 Holland Walker (00:05 – 00:34) Hi, everyone. Welcome to another episode of How to Who: The Secret of Success. Today Giri and I are joined by Cameron Armstrong, who is the founder of VF Protocol. He’s had lots of experience from media to e-commerce, product management and now cryptocurrency. So we’re very excited to talk to him today. So, Cameron, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your journey from Harvard to entrepreneur and some of the big

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Giri Devanur – IIM Ahmedabad (Neuroscience in Marketing)

Giri Devanur iim

4 years back I attended an executive education program at IIM Ahmedabad India. IIM-A is probably the most prestigious educational institution in India. I had the opportunity of working with some of its brightest alumni around the world. I was always curious to go and learn from the gurus at IIM A. I picked an unusual program to learn as I always thought marketing was one area to improve dramatically. Plain speak – I don’t get marketing! So, I thought

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