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2 ideas for new startups

I know why some of you may think I am just throwing off these ideas. Unless executed well, all ideas are….just ideas. Hence, instead of wasting them away, here I am posting so that some one may get “some other ideas” to build a startup around them.

Spending hours in airports either waiting for luggage or waiting for someone can be a painful activity. Especially in international airports.

Idea No1.

Imagine you are waiting at the baggage carousel. The airlines know your name AND know which is your luggage (I hope so). Why can’t be a display system which keeps showing once the baggage drops into the conveyor belt, its scanned and a large display screen shows that your baggage has been dropped. A revenue model? How many Samnsonite’s or American Tourister (even Tumi lovers!!) names would love to show off their brands, if they are displayed like this image!. Or even an app which can get the data from the airport scanners at the loading zone. I would pay $2.99 for that app.

.Giri Devanur airport idea1


Idea No2.

OK…now either you are a passenger in a a strange airport or you are a host waiting to receive a guest whom you have not met. Can there be an easier way? Imagine simply putting a numbering system which is displayed on a large screen that a John Doe is waiting for Jane Doe with a number? Imagine all those guys carrying name plates and searching for your own name etc…Cant there be a smarter and simpler way?

Giri Devanur airport idea1-2

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living”…….  Mary Ritter Beard

iPhone 6 and is Apple stock value at peak? (Giri Devanur)

Being an avid user of Apple and all of its products since 1994 (except Apple TV), I have 3 major problems with iPhone6. If Steve jobs was alive, may be he would have never released this phone to market.

1. The Camera: iPhone has a camera which protrudes out. Ouch!!! So beautify designed product, except for one damn thing which sticks out. How did Mr. Ive allow such an obvious flaw?

iphone6 coming out

2. The grip: This phone has the smoothest edges. Faaaar too smooth. You are bound to drop it. Its so curvy and smooth, I hated when it dropped. Yes I did drop it a few times!!

3. The fragile glass: The smooth edges leads to obvious drop which breaks the glass. I know, it breaks some hearts too. Couldn’t they have made a little stronger and more durable glass. And its very expensive to fix it. Watch out.

OK enough of complaining…today AAPL stock is at $117 and approximately $682 billion (yes…$682,000,000,000). This still a very low valuation compared to its industry peers.  P/E is still 15.79. Where as Google (GOOG) has a valuation of $354B valuation and P/E of 25. So, apple has a lot more to grow.

Will it touch a $1,000,000,000,000 (1Trillion $) valuation…probably.

Whats the next break through innovation? Apple pay or Apple watch or Apple TV(with a TV screes..not just a box, which even I will buy).

Or has the stock peaked? Its a trillion dollar question.

—Giri Devanur