Incredibly great speech by Bill McDermott

Mr. Bill McDermott gave an incredible speech at Columbia Club hosted by Center for technology management of Columbia University ( and Ameri100 Inc (

Dr. Art Langer interviewed Mr. McDermott about his new book  Winners Dream: A Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office

He talked about 4 major areas which will lead to extraordinary success for executives.

1. Humility : Any one who aspires to be a leader or even a manager must have lots of humility.

2. Trust: A leader must be able to trust others as well as be trustworthy. This is the secret of being authentic.

3. Discipline : Leadership is a 24X7 thing. Its a constant process of learning and executing. To achieve that level of mental and physical stamina, one must have loads of discipline.

4. RoC (Return on Character): Bill talked about how character plays in the long run. One may get ahead for short periods of time by lying, taking others for a ride or other negatives. But in the long run, only people with good character win the race.

It was a fantastic event!

giri devanurBill Mcdermott@Columbia

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