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Roulette+GPS = Beauty of Randomness

We created a new game. Instead of visiting pre-decided places to visit, we decided to pick a random number. It was 5 in our case. We then picked the 5th nearest attraction on our GPS. Landed in a beautiful location … Continue reading

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Tech Predictions for 2015

10. 3-D TV as a concept would have failed – Sony would be the hardest hit in this.  Does anyone want to sit at home and watch a serial or a News program on TV in 3D…its sounds almost crazy!! … Continue reading

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Genetic Lottery

Genetic lottery – is it a must for success of a start-up? (continued article on Luck) In my last blog I tried deliberating the value of “Luck” in business. While having a conversation with a young friend, I realized how … Continue reading

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Luck – is it the only factor for success??

Luck – is it the only factor for success?? All of us have heard many successful people attributing “Luck” as an important factor in success. But more important question – “Is LUCK” the only factor in defining success.?? What is … Continue reading

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