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Google and motorola

I had predicted that by 2015, google would sell Motorola by taking a $9.5Billion loss!!   Share This:

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Some right..some close ..some way off

As we come close to the end of 2013..I wanted to look at my predictions for 2015. In 2011 I had made 10 predictions for 2015. ( Lets see how they have fared: 10. 3-D TV as a concept would have failed … Continue reading

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Roulette+GPS = Beauty of Randomness

We created a new game. Instead of visiting pre-decided places to visit, we decided to pick a random number. It was 5 in our case. We then picked the 5th nearest attraction on our GPS. Landed in a beautiful location … Continue reading

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Tech Predictions for 2015

10. 3-D TV as a concept would have failed – Sony would be the hardest hit in this.  Does anyone want to sit at home and watch a serial or a News program on TV in 3D…its sounds almost crazy!! … Continue reading

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“Ruthless Innovation”

What is “Ruthless Innovation” Dictionary meaning of Ruthless    : – adjective 1. without pity or mercy Innovation  : – noun 1. something new or different introduced 2. the act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods As we see … Continue reading

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Innovate or perish

Innovate or perish World is changing at rapid pace. We are at the beginning of a digital revolution. I attended a training program at MIT a while back about how to create a break thru innovations company. Some of the … Continue reading

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